Young Drivers

There’s a certain excitement about learning to drive and at the Locke School of Motoring we understand that some individuals learn better at a younger age. That’s why we offer  young driver tuition so those that feel they want to learn early can.

Packages are tailored as a mix of both practical and theory subjects aimed at getting you to test when age permitted.

Don’t worry if you’re nervous, have never driven a car before or believe that you are too old. Our tuition is friendly, confidence building and informative and we believe that anyone, and we mean anyone, can be taught to drive and qualify for their full licence.

Packages can be tailored for you and blocks of lessons are discounted for those who are commited to learning on a regular basis. Everyone is unique when learning to drive and after a few lessons we will always advise you on how well you are proceeding and how many lessons would be appropriate to achieve a ‘pass’ result.

The Locke School of Motoring has a good track record too with good pass rates, just take a look at our Facebook page to see how many of our pupils have passed their tests


Locke school of motoring can offer YOUNG DRIVERS EU™ tuition course to under 17s with driving lessons at Exeter’s Westpoint Arena

The site has a full road circuit including roundabouts, traffic lights, cross roads, a pelican crossing with lights and a zebra crossing. The road circuit is as real as it gets and provides youngsters with a great opportunity to practice driving on a ‘proper road’

Please call us to discuss details and arrange a booking date before you pay online for your YOUNG DRIVERS EU™ course.